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Book your wedding early!

Say you just got engaged and your planning your wedding for a year or more from the time you got engaged. And your thinking, “I have all this time to book my wedding… My wedding is not for a year”.

Well, you might want to think about booking early. Whether it’s for my services or for any wedding vendor, most of the top wedding vendors like myself get hundreds of calls for the same date. I book 75% of my weddings a year to a year and a half in advance and the brides who act fast and act first get to book me and have me at their wedding.

Brides who waited a month or two months or 3 months or more to start booking her vendors finds my web site and get really excited and contacts me to find out that I have been booked on her date for 6 months. Lucky for her I have an associate that works for me and often she will book my associate.

The moral of this story is book fast and book first. There are hundreds of brides-to-be trying to get married on the same popular dates and the early bird gets the worm. It’s NEVER ever too early or too soon to book your vendors for your big day.

Engagement Photo FAQ’s

Engagement photos are shot year round but about 90% are shot in the summer and fall. The shoot is about 1.5-2 hours and during that time I shoot about 600-800 photos at multiple locations. You can change outfits up to about 3 times.

As soon as you pick the 15 photos for me to retouch, it takes me just a day or two to prepare your photos and send a disk with all the photos shot at the shoot along with the retouched photos. Keep in mind you pick 15 but I’m doing 2-3 effects to each photo… normally so you actually get about 40+ retouched photos.

Everything comes on a disk in high resolution, with a signed release. Prices are always cheaper for brides whose wedding I’m shooting. If I’m not shooting your wedding because it’s out of state you will pay full price for engagement photos.

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