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Q. Pricing in the summer for weddings ranges from $1995-$2500 normally with no wedding books or other services. If you have a winter wedding or a small wedding during the week prices are lower. To give you proper info about what I do and what you get simply email me with your wedding date and ask for info. Wedding season is May-Oct. Every Saturday is full price and normally never discounted. Most photographers discount Friday and Sunday weddings in the summer and in the winter Fri,Sat,Sun are all discounted Nov-April.

Q. How early should I book my wedding photographer?
A. Most weddings take place between May and Oct and/or on a Friday/Saturday so the timing of booking a wedding photographer is very important in your wedding-planning process. If your wedding will be during the summer months, during a holiday, or on another popular date, you may want to consider booking your photographer as early as 12 to 18 months ahead of time. If photography is very important to you(and we hope it is), you will also want to book as early as possible even if your date does not fall into one of those busy periods. In any event, it’s in your best interest to have your wedding photographer booked at least 10 months in advance.

Q. What are the advantages of hiring a professional?
A. I’m not a “weekend warrior” I have trained at 2 photography schools where I was the best in my class at both schools, worked at 7 newspapers and have 28+ years experience. I’m a true professional had this is the only job I’ve ever held. I’ve shot 550 weddings.

Q. So, how much does wedding photography cost?
A. Email me for rates. The price varies due to many different factors.

Q. How much time will the photographer spend at my wedding?
A. My normal package is 8-10 hours. Most weddings take me 9-10 hours to complete.

Q. What about getting an album?
A. Albums are extra unless you get a package that includes one. 99% of my brides get their disks and make their own wedding books to save money. I do them if you don’t want to make one. Email me for costs.

Q. Shouldn’t my photographer have a designated back-up in case he/she is sick on my wedding day?
A. That would be ideal, but consider the plight of the backup photographer who has to turn down weddings just in case she/he is needed for yours? Professionals are part of a network of photographers, and do have many people they can call in emergency but there is no way of knowing if any of them will be open at the last minute.

Q. Some photographers ask that no one else take pictures during the formal photography. Is that reasonable?
A.Yes. If the photographer is trying to work quickly through a series of formal pictures, a snap-shooter might slow the process. A problem arises when there are several cameras aimed at a formal group – the subjects will be looking at different lenses. This greatly affects the outcome of your photos.
I do not stop your guests from taking photos but it’s does make my job much more difficult.

Q. I want to make copies of my photos. Does my photographer really own the copyright of his/her pictures?
A. According to federal law, images produced by a professional photographer are copyrighted the moment they are created. Federal law prohibits copying or reproducing copyrighted material without permission from the owner of the copyright, i.e., the photographer.

Q. Do you offer off season or weekday or winter wedding discounts?
A. I sure do. I offer both off off season discounts, winter discounts and weekday discounts.

Q. Can I give you magazine clippings of certain wedding poses I like?
A. For sure. I take my ideas and your ideas and just have fun. I have no rules.

Q. Why is your photography so much less expensive than the other photographers I’ve seen?
A. Because I have less overhead and expenses than the other photographers and studios. When you are given a price from the average photographer, his price not only includes his/her products and services, but also the rent for his/her studio, his/her her utilities, advertising costs, phone and web site bills, and all of the other costs of his/her doing business. I keep my costs down in several ways that make me more competitive. That way I don’t have the same costs the other photographers do and I can offer you professional quality service at a fraction of the price that the other photographers and studios charge.
I also don’t just do this for the money I do this because I love it.

Q. Does a higher priced photographer = a better photographer? A. That’s usually what the higher priced photographers and studios will tell you. In reality, all wedding photographers have to consider all of their costs and add in a profit margin and that’s the price they charge you. I have less costs and which make my profit margin higher therefore I can charge less and still make the same amount of money. I am using the same quality equipment and am offering the same professional quality products and service at half the price. If pricing was based on the service and quality a photographer can provide, then my prices would be much higher.

Q. How many pictures do you take??
A. On average 4000-5000. No I’m not kidding. My assistant and I work very hard for our money. It will take a 32 GIG flashdrive to put all your wedding photos on.

Q. Do you have backup equipment?
A. Of course. More then I’ll ever need. I travel to weddings and other events with 4-5 cameras, 10 lenses, 5+ flashes, extra batteries, digital cards and on and on. I have this covered..

Q. Will me and my guests be able to view my pictures on the internet? A. Yes you will get a password protected web site for 60 days to view your photos for free and to order prints if you wish.

Q. Can I see more samples of your work? A. All my work is on my web site. The same thing in the form of prints are at my studio but exactly the same thing. My best work is online for you to view in the hundreds of galleries. Upon request you can see an entire wedding if you wish and I also have wedding book samples at my studio.

Q. Do you have references from other weddings you’ve done? A. Sure. I’m rarely asked because of my reputation in the wedding business but I can put you in touch with past brides if you wish an also see the testimonials page on my web site for what my past clients have said.

Q. Will I be given all of my photos or just a certain number to choose from. A. You will get all 4000-5000 photos I take at the wedding all in high res plus about 700 retouched photos it takes me 10 hours to do after your wedding. I hold nothing back from you and have no rules. They are large 20+meg files with no watermarks.

Q. How much do you charge for re-prints and enlargements? A. My prices are actually about 50% cheaper then my competition. Some people will charge you $40-$50 for a 8×10 print. I charge for example $13.95

Q. What is a photojournalist? A Photojournalist is someone who presents a story primarily through the use of photographs.Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and I give you everything I have physically and creatively to capture that special story from my 23 years experience as a full time newspaper photographer.

Q. What is your retainer/deposit fee? A. Normally $250 deposit to hold a wedding date with the remainder due on your wedding day.

Q. Do you travel to shoot weddings? A. I normally travel in the Akron/Canton-Cleveland/Youngstown area but am available anywhere in the USA or in the World for your destination wedding. Prices vary depending on range of travel but normally just a $40 or so travel fee out of the Summit County area. Anywhere in Summit County is free travel.

Q. What type of equipment do you use?
A. I use top of the line Nikon D3, D3s and soon D4 Camera’s. Each costing in excess of $5500. This is top of line Pro-Equipment. There is no better.

Q. How long will it take to get my Wedding Photos back? A. Normally if your wedding is on a Saturday you will have your photos by the following Tuesday or Wednesday (Normal turn around time is 3-5 days). You will NOT wait 3 months for your photos at Ken Love Photography. You will see them online before your home from your honeymoon.

Q. Do you design our wedding book if we order one? A. My Wife Julie designs all wedding books. do we have anything to say about the look of our wedding book? People have us do books because they do not have time themselves and with us working 100+ hours a week in the summer we simply don’t have time to consult with you about your book. We have yet to have a complaint about one our wedding books. Our clients trust that we can handle everything when it comes to the book.

Q. Are you the photographer that will be at my wedding if we book Ken Love Photography? A. Yes if I tell you I’m open for your date and you book me me as your photographer my wife and I will be the ones at your wedding. If I’m not open on your date and I refer you to an associate you will know that I’m not the one doing your wedding.

Q. Do we arrange for a consultation with you to view your work in person and to discuss our specific wedding needs. A. Some couples meet me at my studio and some just do everything via email/phone if they are busy. It’s up to you.

Q. Does Ken Love Photography do engagement photos? A. We sure do. Almost ever bride we work with gets them in the spring, summer and fall. I do them year round. Email for details.

Q. How far in advance should bridal or engagement portraits be arranged? A. Normally I’m just booked 1-2 weeks in advance but you have to book weeks in advance to get a shoot in Oct.

Q. At the reception, are the bride and groom expected to make arrangements to feed the photographer and assistant along with the other guests? A. Yes we need two place setting one for me an my assistant. We have been working for close to 7 hours by the time most receptions and are very hungry just like yourselves. Keep in mind I’m $1000 cheaper then a lot of my competition so we expect to be fed at the wedding and to be seated at a vendor table in the reception room so we can better cover the reception.

Q. Are you willing to shoot portraits of small family groups as a part of your wedding and reception photography? A. Yes, we are happy to photograph small family groups as long as the bride and groom wish us to do this and or there is time. Most photos like this happen right after the ceremony.

Q.What types of photographs do you take and what moments do you capture? The things listed below are mostly the formal photos that are normally done at a wedding. The artistic photos are down separately A. During a typical wedding day, we usually shoot some combination of the following types of photos. But, please remember that this list is somewhat generic, and that each wedding will have its own flavor and character, which could call for photos that may not be included below. Additionally, in any given wedding situation, there might not be time to take all of the photos listed below (again, because each wedding represents a unique series of events that is not always fully predictable). However, this list is a pretty good starting point in understanding the types of photos that we try to incorporate into our wedding photography. Additionally, we are always open to special requested photos by the bride, groom, and family.
Photos Before the Ceremony
• Formally posed photos of the bride and groom preparing or waiting for the ceremony to begin (for instance, dressing room shots of the bride alone, bride with mom, bride with dad, bride with maid of honor, bride with bridesmaids, groom alone, groom with mom and dad, groom with best man and groomsmen, etc.)
• Candid photos of the bride and groom preparing or waiting for the ceremony (for instance, bride putting final touches on make-up or hair, mom helping adjust wedding veil, groomsmen getting boutonnieres, etc.)
• Photos of bride and/or groom with significant other family members or friends in attendance (for instance, mom, dad, brothers or sisters)
• Guests arriving, interacting, signing in etc.
• Exterior and interior of the church or other wedding location (at least a few photos for the memory of where the ceremony took place)
Photos During the Ceremony
• Interior of the church (or other wedding site) with guests
• Lighting of church candles
• Parents and other honored guests being escorted to seats
• Entrance of minister (or other officiant), groom, and groomsmen
• Minister, groom, and groomsmen waiting at altar
• Entrance of bridesmaids (escorted or unescorted)
• Entrance of flower girl and ring bearer
• Entrance of bride and father (or other escort)
• Father giving away bride
• Various shots during the ceremony (usually without flash and from the back of the church, from balcony, or best available vantage points)
◦ Telephoto close-ups of bride, groom, and officiant at altar
◦ Wide-angle shots of entire ceremony site and wedding party at altar
◦ Special moments (such as bride and groom facing one another, lighting of unity candle, vows, ring exchange, kiss, presentation of bride and groom to the guests as new husband and wife)
◦ The recessional (bride and groom walking back down aisle, groomsmen escorting bridesmaids down the aisle)
Formal Photos before or after the ceremony. (Formal photos are usually after, but sometimes before, the ceremony)
Various combinations and numbers of the following photographs are typical. (For more information, please see Notes on Formal Photos at the end of this list.)
• Bride alone (several shots)
• Groom alone (several shots)
• Bride and groom together (several shots)
• Bride, groom and minister (or other officiant)
• Bride with maid of honor
• Bride with each bridesmaid
• Bride with all bridesmaids
• Bride with flower girl
• Groom with best man
• Groom with groomsmen
• Groom with each groomsman
• Groom with ring bearer
• Bride and groom with bridesmaids
• Bride and groom with groomsmen
• Bride and groom with maid of honor and best man
• Bride and groom with flower girl/ring bearer
• Bride and groom with entire wedding party (bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girl, ring bearer, ushers)
• Bride and groom with bride’s parents
• Bride and groom with groom’s parents
• Bride and groom with both sets of parents
• Bride and groom with bride’s extended family (grandparents, sisters and brothers, other special family members – various combinations are usually desired)
• Bride and groom with groom’s extended family (grandparents, sisters and brothers, other special family members – various combinations are usually desired)
• Bride and groom with any special friends/guests in attendance
Photos at the Reception
• Interior and exterior shots of the wedding venue
• Entrance of bride and groom
• Bride and groom being served or in food line
• Bride and groom at wedding party table
• Bride and groom during toasts (and those giving toasts)
• Bride and groom cutting the wedding cake
• Bride and groom feeding each other wedding cake
• Bride and groom first dance
• Other special dance moments (father/daughter, mother/son, etc.)
• Bouquet toss
• Garter removal/toss
• Bride and groom’s hands/rings (ring shots)
• Bride’s bouquet
• Parents and special guests at parent’s table (and other “table” shot)
• The gift table and guest book sign-in table
• The wedding cakes (close-ups of each cake)
• Special decorative arrangements (floral arrangements, ice sculptures, etc.)
• Musicians and/or singers
• Candid photos of bride, groom, and family members/friends
• Candid photos of various guests (as appropriate and as desired by the bride and groom

Q. Things to ask my competition and Helpful info.

Did you to go to School for Photography.? Yes I did! 2 different photography schools where I was the top photographer in each of my schools . (Most of my competition did not go to school for photography)

What were you doing before you started shooting weddings? I worked at 5 newspapers for 20+ years. (A lot of my competition have no experience as a working photographer before doing weddings.

What else do you do besides wedding? I’m a full time photographers. I shoot weddings, high school seniors, babies, corporate/PR, head shots, products, models, family’s and teach lessons.
(Much of my competition are not full time photographers. They have other random jobs and are weekend warriors)

What kind of equipment do you have? I personally use top of the line Nikon D4’s. I have a total of about $50,000 of equipment. To be a top player in the photography busies you need to have to best tools. (Much of my competition use much cheaper lower grade equipment and don’t have as much back up equipment)

Why is wedding photography so expensive? A combination of reasons. First the we have over 50 hours or work into a wedding when you combine editing and the day of shooting. Then the cost of advertising, equipment, taxes and on and on. The only thing you get back after your wedding are the photos. When you break down the amount of hours we have into a wedding it’s honestly not as much as you think. In the 90’s wedding photography was triple what it cost now.. The prices have been driven down by hundreds of weekend warriors with cameras all claiming to be “wedding photographers”. Only about 5-10% of all wedding photographers are legit professional photographers. It’s for sure a buyer beware business.

How long does it take to get my photos after the wedding? From me 1 week.. From my competition weeks and sometimes months.

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